Teaching Overview

Matthew M. Pincus teaches literature and composition at University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Department of English. He is in the process of receiving online teaching certification through the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) with coursework complete. He will be on the academic job market this year.

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Current & Scheduled Courses

Magical Realism in Literature and Film

Walkabout and the Haunted Library

Magical Realism in Lit and Film200-level English

Magical Realism is a literary genre that shows everyday characters confronted with elements of the supernatural or occult. Writers historically used this genre in the 20th century to discuss issues of political and social difference. We explore short stories and novels from Latin America, the US, and Australia. Then, we turn to film adaptations, and how directors translate these strange, fantastical images to the big screen.

Survey of British Literature II (online)

Representations of Masculinity in Literature and Film

Teddy Bears of Steel

200-level Humanities/English

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This course explores past and present cultural representations of masculinity in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. We will explore how the male gender is performed through the literature and film of different national cultures. The texts and films we cover in class examine how masculinity has developed and changed since WWII. Authors and filmmakers look to examples of criminals, principals, Indigenous tribal chiefs, and butlers to detail how masculinity is portrayed.

Introduction to Academic Writing

100-level Writing Intensive, Composition

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The goal of this course is to introduce students to basic composition skills to help prepare them for the writing required in university courses. In this class, they learn how to make arguments which helps prepare them to write clearly articulated essays in a variety of styles relevant to different disciplines.

Previous Courses

  • Intro to Academic Writing, Fall 2016
  • Survey of British Literature II, lecture, Spring 2017