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Matthew M. Pincus

Matthew M. Pincus, Ph.D. is a professional writer and experienced educator. He collaborates with colleagues and students to create enthusiastic and positive learning environments that engage audiences with interdisciplinary topics like literature, culture, and history.

Matthew has written book reviews and articles for Coldfront, Rain Taxi, The Millions, and Bookslut. He presents on literature and film at national and regional conferences. 

Matthew has designed curriculum for both in-class and online college courses. Through discussions, presentations, and projects, Matthew has developed learning and educational strategies to effectively communicate content to students of all ages. He serves on the Modern Language Association (MLA) Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities.

His book project, Talented and Expendable: American Woman Crime Writers of the 1940s and 50s focuses on authors Dorothy B. Hughes, Vera Caspary, Patricia Highsmith, and their predecessor Anita Loos.

During his doctoral program in English, his research interests were 20th century American Literature, American Film History, and Indigenous Literature of the Americas. His article, Bewitched Policies of Resistance: America’s Legacy of Unknown Soldiers in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Storyteller appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Transmodernity and won Best Graduate Paper in the Humanities (2017) at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Matthew has a passion for environmental advocacy and wildlife conservation. He is a lover of birds who posts on social media about animal rights issues, and is conscientious about reducing single-use plastic in his community.

With a fascination for historic cultural sites, Matthew loves to learn about niche topics in American history that provide local color to how societies and communities change over generations.

You can often find Matthew hiking or bird watching at nature sites.

He lives in Louisiana with Jennifer van Alstyne and their two cats, Bartlet and Ash.

“During his time in Naropa University’s MFA Writing and Poetics Program, I found Matthew Pincus to be a dedicated student. I appreciated his ability to reach the diverse needs of a class, teaching with an intellectual yet accessible demeanor and presentation style. Matthew was a strong critical writer who worked diligently as a book reviewer for various literary publications, presented at the inaugural [Dis]embodied Poetics Conference in 2014, and published a paper in the journal Coldfront. He was an active member of the Naropa community, working hard to strengthen his effective critical thinking and writing skills.” – Michelle Naka Pierce

“Matthew was an outstanding citizen of the English Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His commitment to inclusivity showed up in every aspect of his work, from his service on the Diversity Committee to his teaching and research. He is thoughtful, collegial, sensitive to others’ needs, and always looking for ways to improve the world around him.”- Dr. David Squires