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Bewitched Policies of Resistance: America’s Legacy of Unknown Soldiers in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Storyteller

Transmodernity, vol. 7, no. 1, 2017 [Peer-reviewed]

Storyteller (1981) by Leslie Marmon Silko is a unique hybridized text of Laguna Myths centered on topics of Laguna Pueblo Citizens, and more generally Indigenous Southwestern Americans. This article explores three of Silko’s tales

  • Tony’s Story
  • Uncle Tony’s Goat
  • A Geronimo Story

in which characters are agents of political resistance against injustices enacted by the American Military and law enforcement over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In these stories, characters become free to interact and commune with the land. Sites of invasion and theft from indigenous become sites of reverence and remembrance.

Unpolished Friendship: Dodie Bellamy as Novelist and Kathy Acker’s Enduring Influence

Coldfront, 2014

“Acker and Bellamy were both fellow friends and writers in the 1980s as participants and performers during workshops and reading at Small Press Traffic. Acker, during her graduate studies at UCSD in the early seventies taught under David Antin, a talk poet closely connected with Black Mountain poets.

Both poets however, are directly and indirectly indebted to Antin’s use of bibliomancy, being drawn to a book in a library or bookstore by spirit or divinatory fate, taking one line, then another, and composing a text. Bibliomancy would help to form the foundation of their narrative style, but led to further compositions using appropriations of transgressive language to expand beyond conventional boundaries of repressed social issues and cultural taboos.”



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